We and Our School


Our Old School.
It is our old school, which is now a music school. Our parents and some teachers studied in it.


The Best Friends.
We are in the 10-th grade. We are good friends and good students.


New School.
It was built when we were born in 1995. Now we study in it.


All students of our class are scare about exams in the next year. Their results will influence on our future.


We want to study at universities.


The Gold Medal.
Does it help us after school?


A Lot of Homework.
Every day we do a lot of homework.


No Discipline.
But we are children and want to run, jump and…


We Like Sport,
but we haven’t enough spare time.


Tasty Breakfast.
All people in the world like our pies.


A Good Education is our aim.

Future Jobs.
What profession do you to have? It’s a difficult question.


To be students is great!


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