Our School


It is our school. At our school there are a lot of skilled teachers. But I wont to tell only about some of them.


Muslimova Lyudmila Andreevna is teacher of Russian and literature. She is the kindest teacher of the world.


Carycheva Natalia Leonidovna. She is a teacher of biology and ecology. She is an interesting person. Her dialogues with children cover various spheres of life.


Geyko Valentina Alekseevna is a teacher of biology, too. She learn children to apply knowledges in different situations.


Borovaya Evgeneya Ivanovna is a teacher of geography. She is rather strict . Her lessons are very interesting and can help us to learn more about the world.


Zadorozhnaya Nadezhda Mixailovna is a teacher of history. We discuss with her different life problems.


Frolova Lyudmila Nikolaevna. Is a teacher of algebra and geometry. She prepares questions which can be interesting for pupils.


At our school Dvornik Peter Stepanovich has been working for a long of tie. He is a very interesting person. He has excellent felling of humor.


It is our class. I think we are the best at our school.


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